Massage therapy is among the most widely practiced among the many types of complementary and alternative medicine. An ancient medicinal method, it was widely used even before the pharmacological revolution of the 1940s. Asclepiades of Bithynia, an ancient Greek physician, is credited with developing the practice of massage therapy by applying the therapeutic art of “rubbing” to treat a wide range of physical and psychological illnesses. After much trial and error, massage therapy eventually acquired widespread recognition thanks in large part to the efforts of many Greek physicians. Numerous recent clinical investigations have confirmed the many well-documented advantages of massage therapy. There is additional information regarding the advantages of these massage therapies can be obtained by visiting a Pain Medical Clinic or consulting with Pain Management Doctors.


Various Forms of Massage

Some people find relief from specific forms of massage, while others find relief from others. While the goal of many massage techniques is to help you unwind and feel better overall, the focus of others is on healing your specific injuries. When giving a massage, therapists frequently employ a variety of methods.

Swedish Massage

It is the type of therapeutic massage that people most often get, and it is typically used to alleviate pain. Effleurage, petrissage, friction, tapotement, and vibration are the five fundamental strokes that make up this style. Muscle tension is reduced and blood flow is boosted as a result of the massage’s actions.

Thai Massage

In traditional Thai massage, no oils or lotions are used. Yoga-like stretching and other massage-like movements are incorporated. One of the benefits of Thai massage is its ability to ease sore, tense muscles.

Aromatherapy Massage

This massage, which combines the senses of touch and fragrance, has been increasingly popular in recent years. Essential oils distilled from the plant’s flowers, leaves, roots, or bark are used in the process. Inhaling the scent of essential oils has been shown to have a calming effect on the brain.

Ayurvedic massage

This massage is a form of treatment that dates back some 5,000 years and has its roots in India. Abhyagam Ayurvedic Massage is cited in ancient literature as a key practice for achieving and maintaining optimal health and longevity. The energy balance of the body is corrected by applying long strokes that activate the energy spots.


Most massage therapies are beneficial because they improve circulation, which in turn improves the flow of blood and other vital fluids throughout the body. But the methods through which various forms of massage actually accomplish their goals may vary. Aromatherapy, for instance, has been shown to have sedative effects on the brain by stimulating particular areas. A Swedish massage works on the muscles, whereas a Thai massage focuses on the energy flow.


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